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The Blueberry Art Festival this week is prime time for creativity in Ely. And the fabulous array of craft items for sale — antler lamps, Hmong art, twig furniture and Barbie tents — this entire … more
There’s a whopper of a story, with global significance, that is suddenly dawning on a lot of people who pay attention to the energy markets. Solar-generated electricity has fallen so dramatically … more
In the spirit of fans being able to create their own fantasy football teams, one might consider a fantasy United States Supreme Court. In light of the recent SCOTUS ruling on the Hobby Lobby case, my … more
It’s sometimes amusing to watch the games people play. And one of the perennial sources of entertainment in these parts is the setting up and beating down of the straw man. In these parts, the … more
July should be a good month for bees in Minnesota. Next week two new laws go into effect that may help put the buzz back into populations of honeybees and bumblebees here. This spring our state … more
It all started with a poem, and a hunt for buried treasure. It was about a year ago that I learned that my little sister Clair had become, well… a bit obsessed with the idea that she knew where a … more
My Dad would never have put me in a Longboard Baby Stroller, the kind advertised on thisiswhyimbroke.com. It looks radical, and the promo says, “get your child hooked on the adrenaline rushes from … more
There’s something about Pomp and Circumstance that always seems to bring a tear to my eye. And there it was again last Saturday, at the first-ever graduation at the Vermilion Country Charter … more
Top officials in the St. Louis County Schools have an obligation to apologize to the residents and taxpayers of the district for their decision to win passage of the controversial bond referendum in … more
Cue the dramatic music. Cue the deep, portentous, monster-movie voiceover. It’s showtime for the “MAN-EATING SUPER WOLVES” presentation from Animal Planet. Television took a turn for the … more