How do you like our winter so far?
Fine. The less cold and snow the better.
27 votes (24%)
Snow and cold is what makes this the North Country. The economy is suffering from lack of snow.
58 votes (52%)
I think it's just fine, but then I'm spending it where it's warm.
27 votes (24%)

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While at my age, the less snow and cold is easier on me, my heart goes out for my friends and acquaintances that depend on the snow and cold to keep their businesses open and afloat. Snowmobile tourism is such a big part of our economy, many retail, resorts and motels need this to provide the difference of being in the black or the red. And we have had too much red these past few years. I hope they can hold on before enthusiasm for winter outdoor sports wanes in favor of other activities.

Well at our age the Young ones just have to listen to us geezers about the real winters we walked to school in five feet of snow.

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