Are you concerned about the impact of the sequester?
Yes. It will negatively impact the economy and the poor.
44 votes (42%)
No. Cutting the deficit should be the top priority.
60 votes (58%)

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Yes I guess I am concerned. Obama should have never decided he wanted a sequester in August of 2011. It's all his fault. He is a fake.

Good question. Hopefully somebody will comment regarding it (other than mine now)

Two brand new Illinois representatives in adjoining districts, one a Democrat and the other a Republican, are getting heat from their constituents on the news that 4,500 employees at the Scott Air Force Base will be furloughed due to the sequester cuts.

Michelle Bachmann is understandably upset that two air traffice control towers will be shut down in her district.

Sequestration is no big deal if it's not IMBY.

How many thousands of coal miners in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky, plus how many thousands of workers in coal fired power plants are out of work due to Obama's hatred of coal mining and power, and love for "green" energy? Those are human beings too. Don't they count to the rest of us?

OC, What do sequestration cuts have to do with loss of coal mining jobs? Nothing. Coal mining industry is down driven by the free market...natural gas production has risen for several years making it a cheaper product. You know this, right?

Coal mining is down because of EPA regulations on coal fired power plants. Obama said he would bankrupt all coal fired power plants once he took office. The free market has nothing to do with it. Natural gas is cheaper because increasingly more gas is being found and/or they have found a way to extract more gas through horizontal drilling and fracking. That is the free market at work, until Obama finds a way to regulate them out of business too. You know that, right?

Right now, Obama has been yodeling about how many people will lose their jobs from his sequestration. Virtually all of them are government jobs. In Obama's vernacular, those are the only jobs that matter, unless of course the private sector jobs are union jobs. Non-union jobs don't count. For example, the Timberjay is non-union, while the Mesabi Daily News is union. The point is Obama threatened a sequester, he now has his sequester and now he is whining and ginning up the public that the sequester is the Republicans idea.

You are a good researcher, look it up. And you know that too, right?

OC, You're rambling. Still not addressing the two questions.

Hmm, so I will learn the "fair and balanced" truth if I read your sources? The sources that created these stories, the war on Christmas & Easter Bunny, ACORN stole the 2012 election, Sharia law is taking over US Judicial System, Mitt Romney will win presidential election by a landslide, death panels, the Obama birth certificate nonsense and on and on? No thanks, I'll pass.

Sorry bonfire. I have no idea what you are talking about.

I love that "rambler" label. Fits perfectly ... including back to previous threads on other topics.

Look what woke up. Readers have missed your blather that you pulled out of your hole when you crawled out. Or do you take a laptop down there with you?

See, Bonfire ... is this the best he can do? Throw out insults rather than actually deal with any of the multitude of queries that have been posed to him.

Yup ... just more of the rambling!

Heavenly days, it crawled out of the hole today without answering any of the questions I posed. Just like any out the work to bonfire, let him do the research, present facts from his point of view and then just sit back and grade the papers. Just like a union school teacher. Do as little as you can to just get by and bad mouth the taxpayers.

jt, oc has gotten his education at the right wing media school of obfuscation and ad hominem diversionary tactics, not useful training to live in a reality based world.

Bonfire ... I am very aware. Kinda reminds me of the old days when we would chop the head off the chicken prior to cooking it for dinner ... and dang, but it would jump around ... and all without its head.

But he'll be back soon. First has to consult with Fox regarding the correct definitions of "obfuscation" and "hominem diversionary tactics".

And of course, he has no prayer in understanding "a reality based world".

Just sayin ...

jt, The constant fear stoking by the right wing media ensures that conservatives won't dare to take a peek outside the bubble. As my spouse often remarks in amazement listening to the latest silly thing conservatives are terrified about, "They are scared of everything!" Frank Luntz spinmeisters know exactly what they are doing, know precisely which buttons to push.

Other Republican legislators are very worried about closing of air traffic controllers in their states, MO, TX, WI, AZ and FL. A group of Senate Republicans and Democrats tried to reverse the scheduled closures during the debate over funding the government, make up the spending cuts with unobligated capital funds but the amendment didn't get a vote.

The master of fear creation ... Mr. Rove ... did his job very well. Exceptionally well. Clearly it is a methodology which works. Sadly it is a methodology which works.

The fear is already there in conservatives, fear of change, fear of the unfamiliar, fear of the new. They just zero in on that and ramp it up, quite easily too. Have you ever read Canadian Prof. of Psychology, Bob Altemeyer"s book The Authoritarians? He has been doing fascinating studies on this for 40 years. If you haven't read him yet, his book and studies on authoritarian followers, left and right wing, are online, He is not dry reading at all either.

I shall indeed (while doubting someone else likely will). Besides being in agreement with the basis of the ideas I presume I will read ... I always think I benefit from learning which comes from thinking done outside our borders by folks of other nations/cultures/societies. Likely less bias derived from influences within the study focus.

Much as someone else seems to think my basis of news and knowledge is MSNBC (which I never view) my primary sources once I lock onto a subject are the international news sources ... and multiples of them.

Altemeyer has been studying the followers of authoritarians, left and right (so maybe others will be interested too) since 1973 so he had a lot of data. Another author, Chris Mooney, is interesting too. I think his first book was primarliy about people denying science. His second is more broad, the denial of science and reality in general.

International news! Bite your tongue. No real American would read international news, lol.

I read the Helsingen Sanomat daily. Do you folks?

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