Do you favor the new law allowing school districts to levy up to $300 per student without voter approval?
Yes. Schools boards should have the same authority to levy as other governmental bodies.
28 votes (27%)
No. Without a check from voters, school districts have less incentive to be efficient in their operations.
75 votes (73%)

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So far 15 teachers have voted as of 6/5/2013 12:07 PM!

Trusting that those voting are willing to apply the same standards to each and every state and federal issue.

I would be more supportive if our district had not saddled us with $80,000,000 in debt, hence much higher taxes, for new schools which have done nothing to solve operational costs.

I don't think I am on the right page for this, but I am trying to respond to "Hard Rock Miner's"

posting last week about Bayview playing amplified music out on the deck last Friday night, June 21st. Did you also email the Greenwood Township Supervisors, or call them? Posting anonymously is fine if being anonymous is your deal, but it is more helpful to contact those who can address the problem. The Board, none of whom live on Fabian or Big Bay, are personally hearing the racket.

Mary Worringer - Big Bay

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