How are the mosquitoes at your house?
I live in town, so they're not too bad.
5 votes (5%)
I'm in the country, and they are a fright.
22 votes (23%)
I'm in the woods and am too blood-depleted to comprehend the question.
68 votes (72%)

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Mosquitos don't find me very tasty. I know there are a lot of them outside but unless they are so thick that they are deafening, they don't bother me all that much. oth, they love my spouse who they have been viciously attacking in or out of the house since they hatched.

bonfire: I agree with the mosquitos with regard to you personally. Sounds like the spouse is worth loving, on the other hand.

Don't you ever get tired of being childish?

I thought it was quite funny. Good one Orrcountry!

I am requiring the mosquitos to file an PEIS before they drill me. That way it will take at least 9 years, or maybe indefinitely, before they can extract blood from me.

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