Finding enjoyment from newspapers of all sorts and biases

I subscribe to the Timberjay newspaper for its insights and excellence in investigative reporting. Your honors are well deserved. My wife subscribes to the Cook paper because, well, I really can’t say. But I enjoy and look forward to both - one more for its informative value and the other more for its humor, especially but not exclusively in the editor’s notes. I do not think it’s a newspaper’s job to report good news or bad news, only THE news, with as much accuracy and as little bias as possible, letting the reader sort it out.

It’s the sorting it out that’s usually the fun and/or the funniest part once you appreciate the bias. Which reminds me, I sure enjoyed the substance of the letter from Barry Tungseth (Ely) about wilderness rescue in the Opinion section of last week’s newspaper.

Jerry Brown

Buyck, Minn.


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hard rock miner

Timberjay swings far left and the Tower News swings far right. The Timberjay is a far superior paper due to the quality of the writing. I would like to see the Timberjay write more straight up news however. The editorializing is a little over the top. Enjoy them both.

Friday, July 4, 2014 | Report this

Very good points, HRM. I appreciate the quality of the Timberjay. The leftist bias is merely a reflection of the state of the national media, and journalism in general.

Saturday, July 5, 2014 | Report this

Rickster: Actually, the far left bias of the Timberjay is a reflection of the attitude of the publisher. He comes from the Twin Cities, and as former Orr Mayor Dave Glowaski keeps reminding people in our community "never forget who he is. He is a tree hugger, environmental extremist, that will turn on us after this school issue is settled". His recent Op-Ed in this weeks edition proves Killer's point. I would have hoped Marshall would have learned a lesson on how supporting the majority of people in the community helped him earn respect on the school issue. But he is of a stubborn nature, as am I. But I've lived here my entire life, my grandparents immigrated here from Finland (and by the way, learned how to speak English, unlike the Wetbacks who the leftists want us natives to learn Spanish), and this is our home.

I am supportive of the Timberjay when they respect and support us. When they don't, I respectfully disagree with opinions.

Albertson's paper is not news, it is an example of a high school newspaper.

Saturday, July 5, 2014 | Report this

I see where Albertson had a one on one conversation with Tom Cundy, the Maint. Sup. of 2142. He says there are not any problems with the new school. So I asked a student this weekend about the leaks and he said that there were terrrible leaks in both the gym and the cafeteria at the Northwoods school. By the way I know lead janitors from four of the seven schools and they were never too impressed with Cundy. They said most of his vendors are based on who takes him out to lunch. I called on him myself and back then years ago could not believe the open checkbook he gave to Johnson Controls. I actually called on Johnson Controls and their head maintenance guy taking care of the schools basically said that they need no approval from Cundy for any of the maintenance - they just sent him the bills and he paid them. So keep in mind when Cundy is overseeing the contruction at Cherry who's in bed with who!

Monday, July 7, 2014 | Report this

Jake, call Nancy Wall Glowaski if you desire more info about the conditions of the new schools. She will give you the straight talk, and she is tough.

Monday, July 7, 2014 | Report this