Thanks to those who shone a light

I just want to say thank you to the Timberjay’s Marshall Helmberger, Tower Mayor Steve Abrahamson and former Tower City Clerk Tim Kotzian for their efforts and perseverance. They have shed a glaring light on the malfeasance and lack of accountability on the part of ISD 2142 Board members, Business Manager Kim Johnson and Johnson Controls Inc.

I suppose it is Johnson Controls’ job to pick as many ripe plums as they can. Ethical or not. And it is obvious that the school district’s attorney represents the board, not the public interest. This is common. But, it is our elected and hired officials’ job to make decisions that are in the interest of the public and to provide accountability when questioned by the public. They should not be a party to resisting accountability.

The board and the business manager continue to ignore reality and fail to do their jobs, hiding behind their attorney and Johnson Controls. The statements and rationale by Chair Bob Larson, documented in the Timberjay, defending ISD 2142’s actions, are particularly ridiculous. It has worn very thin on people like me who have ended up being the unrepresented cash register for a school district that is not accountable and is spending out of control. Let this be a lesson to us that we need to stay aware and hold our local officials to accountability far earlier in the game, so that we may prevent costly fiascos in the future. 

Lee Peterson

Greenwood Twp., Minn.


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Thank you mr peterson for your work

David abel

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 | Report this