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Another open letter to Pete Stauber


To Pete Stauber, MY Eighth District Representative: I contacted your office numerous times before and after Jan. 6, 2021, first asking you to step to the plate and publicly support the results of the 2020 election, then after Jan. 6, pleading with you to do the right thing and denounce the attack on our capitol and Trump’s role in it. None of my emails were answered.
Instead, after initially refusing to join the 147 Republican members of Congress who immediately voted to overturn the election results, you caved and signed on with 125 other Republicans in a belated attempt to do exactly that (Texas vs Penn.), even after 90 other lawsuits filed on behalf of Trump had already failed miserably (most of them basically laughed out of court.)
And now, true to form, after three and a half years of mostly sucking up to Trump, you pull this shameless stunt and parrot Trump’s lunacy about “rigged” trials? So, my question to you is this: do you have ANY original thoughts on any of this, or are you just going to continue to shamelessly channel Trump’s delusional nonsense?
Pete, I voted for you twice because I foolishly thought you were a stand-up guy. Well, that ship has sailed – I wouldn’t vote for you again if you were the last candidate on earth.

Lynn Scott