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December 25, 2020 e-edition

Posted 12/22/20

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December 25, 2020 e-edition


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  • Dave Rose

    I would like to comment on the rv article and set the record straight so there is no confusion.

    1. I have completed the MPCA Browns Field program and it gives me permission to build the rv park from the MPCA.

    2.The 2 lots that were that were partially on the cleaned up dump ground have been moved to the west. That info is old.

    3. The layout does not block the neighbor to build a road to launch a boat on the river as the easement allows. I have offered to use my road and access to get to river instead of building a road along side of mine. I have also offered to allow a dock which is not allowed in the current easement . It makes since for all to share and get along.

    4. MPCA states in writing to me says there is enough sewer capacity for park, neighbors new homes development, and new condos. It was voted down even with MPCA approval for both new homes and rv park. Were waiting for new sewer numbers next month to reapply again.

    5. The reason I have not got permission to install sewer is were waiting to see if I am going to go with holding tanks or city hookup. When final decision is made a permit will be issued from zoning for the work as agreed already. I have engineered drawings to complete both of them.

    6. The county assessor has ruled that RV parks do not hurt the value of a community and in many cases it's been stated rv parks would increase in value of property bringing new people to a community to visit and buy property. I been told to move to other neighborhoods even with rv's sitting in front of homes at Mille Point residents.

    7. I have turned down the insult offers to sell the property so others can develop the land. Guess who the offers were from.

    8 . I have 100% permission to build the park and all regulations have been followed and more. Saying I have not done what was told of me is not true. Were now 5 years into the project. Reason for changes I made was to try get city moving with some kind approval.

    9. The current approved site plan shows all the above info. It has been turned in to all. It is available to anyone. It will be posted on the property soon.

    10. What I am surprised about is the locals making commitments for lots so they got a place to hangout with access to the lake to keep their rv and boat at a reasonable price. Any questions I am always available. My cell is 320 295 1883. I am coming up this weekend to visit grandkids for Christmas and will again be showings sites to anyone interested. My Plan is to move here for good. My ma always said " early bird gets the worm." So pick your site now. Thanks for the patience for those waiting to get to Tower. Dave Rose

    Wednesday, December 23, 2020 Report this