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For many North Country residents, the warm glow of a wood fire sets the perfect indoor ambience when the weather gets chilly. In an era of high energy prices, a modern wood stove can also be an efficient and low-cost way to heat your home, according to co-owner Jack Lambert, at Firelight Galleries, in Virginia.

While Firelight Galleries offers an outstanding selection of home furnishings, as well as its new interior design studio, it’s long been known for its equally wide selection of stoves, including wood, propane, and electric.

For homeowners considering wood heating, there’s never been a better time to act, says Jack. That’s because of a new federal tax credit that will cover up to 30 percent (up to $1,500) of the cost of purchase and installation of a new, qualifying wood-burning stove by Dec. 31, 2010. At least 37 different units available at Firelight Galleries, qualify for this valuable tax credit.

While wood-burning has always been an affordable way to heat a home, it turns out that with a modern, high efficiency wood stove, it’s an environmentally-sound heating system as well. Because wood stoves use a renewable fuel, that doesn’t add climate-changing gases to the atmosphere, it’s a “carbon-zero” method of heating your home. That’s a big reason that the federal government is encouraging home owners to consider wood heat once again. It’s an all-around great deal. You save money thanks to the federal tax credit. You can heat your home affordably, because wood prices are far cheaper than alternatives. And you reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

While wood stoves used to have a reputation for producing excessive smoke, both inside and out, Jack says most new models are surprisingly clean-burning and efficient. “A new EPA-approved wood-burning stove, like a Kozy Heat, can heat a typical home in northern Minnesota with about two cords of wood,” he added. That’s because new designs use interior baffles to burn most of the waste gases that used to send heat and soot up the chimney. Improved efficiency not only means less mess, it means homeowners can reduce the labor, such as cutting and splitting, that normally goes along with burning wood.

So whether you’re new to wood-burning, or considering a switch back to wood as a way to save money, Firelight Galleries offers a wide selection of models and brands of stoves, including Kozy Heat, Hearthstone, MorsØ, and Napolean. They can also special order just about any stove on the market today.

The same is true with any of the product lines at Firelight Galleries, said co-owner Rosie Gams, who specializes in home furnishings and interior design. “Customers sometimes assume that special orders are more expensive, but they can often be less expensive than items on the floor,” said Rosie.

With fall right around the corner,” Rosie says now is the best time to come and see what’s new in home furnishings and decor. “We’ve brought in a very nice selection of new sofas and other furniture,” she said.

Giving your house a fresh look for fall doesn’t have to cost a lot, says Rosie, who offers sound advice on the ways you can use one or two new items, whether its a rug, a new lamp, or a sofa and love seat combination to remake a room. Whether it’s a single room or the whole house, Firelight Galleries’ new interior design studio can help you achieve the look you want, at a price you can afford. “We do whole house renovations,” she said.