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Words that say it all about today’s GOP


To understand how much the Republican Party has changed, just consider the following words, spoken by former Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, who is currently the GOP’s candidate for the U.S. Senate from Maryland. Hogan, an old- school Republican, posted on X just before the verdict was announced in the trial of Donald J. Trump, urging respect for the verdict and the legal process.
“At this dangerously divided moment in our history, all leaders—regardless of party—must not pour fuel on the fire with more toxic partisanship. We must reaffirm what has made this nation great: the rule of law.”
In the America I used to know this was the kind of statesman-like comment we could expect from any serious politician. It was measured, sensible, and respectful.
So, how did Republican leaders respond to Hogan’s comments?
“You just ended your campaign,” wrote Chris LaCivita, a top Trump campaign advisor.
Lara Trump, now the co-chair of the Republican National Committee, called Hogan’s call to respect the verdict determined by 12 average Americans “ridiculous” and said the GOP Senate candidate “doesn’t deserve the respect of anyone in the Republican Party at this point, and quite frankly anybody in America.”
These comments tell us all we need to know about today’s Republican Party and a possible second Trump administration.

Patricia Helmberger