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What I am working on is providing reasonable price townhomes or twinhomes for the middle income and blue collar worker in the area. I do not believe everyone can have a big home on Lake Vermilion. Our RV Park project accoss the river did just that by providing rv sites at a reasonable price for the average good guy. Mostly vets and the common Joes. Vast majority of the rv lots across the river are going to northerners in the area. I am not interested in building $500,000 plus condos. There is a middle ground and price for all to enjoy access and a view of Lake Vermilion. I have no desire to have another 6 year project like the last one with road block after road block and having the goal posts moved many times in the middle of the project. Time will tell. But sure looks like we're off to a bad start but hope we can work things out. Thanks Dave Rose

From: Developer faces hurdles on cartway request

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