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It could happen to any of us


I found myself agreeing with Donald Trump as I listened to his opening statement at his post-conviction press conference last week.
He said, “If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.”
I agree. We have a process in this country to deal with accusations of wrongdoing. We are all considered innocent until proven guilty. The prosecution has the burden of proof to show beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant has committed the crime. That was applied in this case. 
We all come before a jury of our peers. Both the defense attorney and the prosecution have the right to reject individual jurors, some for cause and some without having to give a reason. This happened in the Trump case.
All of us are subject to the same rules in our legal system. And we all have the right to appeal. Ditto in the Trump case. 
So, yes, if it can happen to Trump, it can happen to us. This trial was pretty much what we learned in high school civics class. 
I’m glad the U.S. system of justice worked as it was designed. 
But beware if Trump should win in November, because the entrenched financial interests behind the current hard-right conservatives who support Trump and the sycophants who have sold their integrity and their souls to him have something in store for us that will make your hair stand on end: a plan to dismantle much of what we consider our fundamental American system of government and our civil rights, including our basic justice system. 
There’s a reason that Trump’s press conference was a self-pity party and had no specifics whatsoever on just what he’d do if he were elected. It’s because we would never vote for him if we really knew. Please do your own research and know what are the consequences when you vote. (For a primer on the road map for a Trump presidency, go to:  

Leah Rogne