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Rarely has a presidential candidate been so blunt. During a meeting with some of the country’s top oil executives at Mar-a-Lago last month, Donald Trump reportedly pushed them to raise a … more
Social media has its uses. Unfortunately, it tends to generate more heat than light. That was certainly the case with a recent post on the Facebook group, “What’s Up Tower MN,” that … more
The almighty road trip is a favorite activity in my household. Journeys too often get second billing to destinations. For that reason, the road trip gets top billing in my house. Many a weekend has … more
As promised in my last column, “Facing the fear and finding hope”, that appeared in the April 5 edition of the Timberjay, I’m resuming the story of Kelly Cramer and her recovery … more
“I have a spoiler alert: There’s nothing wrong with trying to influence the election. It’s called democracy.” So said defense attorney Todd Blanche last week as he tried to … more
If there’s one thing I’ve loved about the digital age, it’s the ready window into history provided by searchable online newspaper archives. It’s become a regular practice of … more
“Where is the outrage?” That was the question rightly asked by fellow publisher Reed Anfinson, of Benson, Minn., in an op-ed that appeared last week in this newspaper and many others … more
In a perfect world the National Park Service and the businesses that serve users of Voyageurs National Park would work as partners with the goal of making the experience of park users the best that … more
People around the world are concerned and confused by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has confounded peace seekers for years. I have joined them in wondering why a just, peaceful solution is … more
The United States has long been a friend to Israel and that’s appropriate. But sometimes friends have to tell a friend when they’re in the wrong, and it is well past time for the Biden … more
Some people collect seashells or coins. Others collect art or Hummel figurines. In my household, we collect signs. To be accurate, we drive around and take photographs of signs. The long-suffering … more
When I wrote an article months back about my intention to overcome my excessive anxiety over spiders, I had no idea the reactions I would get from readers! One email thanked me for publicly … more
It’s the auditing season for small cities in our region and, if this year is like others we have covered over the past three-plus decades, taxpayers will learn very little from a time-consuming … more
Lawmakers in St. Paul should resist a proposal for a combined government reform amendment to the Minnesota Constitution that would open the way to a full-time Legislature. The measure, as the … more
You’re all probably channeling Ronald Regan’s classic debate line “There you go again” as you realize I’m writing once again about artificial intelligence, but I just … more
The America that our founders framed in our Constitution guaranteed religious freedom, yet that’s a tradition that is under threat in this country like never before. As we reported last week, a … more
I promised in my previous column to write in more detail about the rhythms of the body as utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to assess, diagnose, treat, and prevent illness. Oriental … more
When it comes to free enterprise in the U.S. there is always a balancing act between the rights of Americans to engage in private contracts for work performed and the need for regulation to protect … more
These past few days I have been sifting through recipes for an upcoming spring family gathering at an eccentric aunt’s. I got the notion to bake up some of our favorites and bring them for … more
The U.S. Supreme Court, as has become its pattern in recent years, acted recklessly last week when it announced it would hear former president Donald Trump’s claim that he is immune from all … more
This morning began as would any other. A little stiffness in my knees as my feet touched the floor. Strands of hair criss crossing my cheeks, the sign of a restless night’s sleep. I felt a … more
How do we achieve accountability for politicians who tell big lies? We’re not talking about the little white lies that people tell every day without much thought. We’re talking about the … more
Well over a hundred years ago, alarms were being sounded about the deleterious effects of sports on the world of higher education. Football, played without pads or helmets in the early days, was … more
One of the foundational principles of a democratic form of government is the idea that the free exchange of ideas is essential. A democratic nation, in other words, can’t long survive with an … more
“Sleeping is the most mysterious thing we do,” according to Bill Bryson, author of “The Body; A Guide for Occupants.” That was a new thought for me. I had thought of sleep as … more
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