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Great Books from the Timberjay

Lake Vermilion: A multi-species fishing guide to northern Minnesota's crown jewel

The first comprehensive fishing guide ever produced exclusively for Lake Vermilion! You'll learn the techniques, tackle and locations that have proven successful for Vermilion anglers over the years. Includes an in-depth look at where and when to catch all of the most popular species on Lake Vermilion, including walleye, musky, northern pike, bass, and panfish. It's the most valuable tool you can have with you, next to your tackle box, of course. 132 glossy, water-resistant pages. $9.95 plus $4 tax and shipping. Total $13.95

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Lake Vermilion: Memories of the Early Days

A fascinating look back at the early history of the Lake Vermilion area. A large format hardcover book including 128 glossy pages with over 100 historic photographs and stories from some of the area's early settlers. This is a second edition with a limited print run, so order today.

Written by Marshall Helmberger and published by the Timberjay.

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Ely Lives: Her People, Her Stories

The late Ely native Mike Hillman's storytelling abilities are legend and his love for the region shines through in this collection of short stories from Ely's colorful past. From the Jubilant Demise of Bull Montana, to Sig Olsen's Showdown at the Longbranch Saloon, Mike knew his local history and how to entertain in the telling. Don't miss it. 150 pages. Paperback. $10.99 plus $4 tax and shipping. Total $14.99

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