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Those same Judges that threw out those baseless lawsuits about a stolen election were appointed by Trump and said there wasn't any evidence of fraud. You can't make a video claiming fraud and use that as evidence. 2 Supreme Court rulings said the same thing. Mike Lindell's appeal was thrown out for lack of evidence by the Supreme Court and now Dominion can go ahead and sue him. Most of the Justices are Republican Appointed! Rudy Giuliani said they didn't have evidence of voter fraud, they just had theories. That from a former Prosecutor who successfully Prosecuted Mobsters! The whole 2000 mules thing is just another in a series of bizarre deflections of the truth and through all of this, people are sending Trump money. That money he's putting in his pockets is because he doesn't pay his legal fees. I think it's time people wake up and realize they are in a cult and there's a treatment for that. As to the mountain of evidence yes. There is. Whether it's credible is suspect even to people who aren't lawyers. What it all boils down to is that a man who has gotten his way his entire life has thrown a fit over losing. Trump is a narcissist and a grifter and a liar.

From: Stauber’s disqualifying act

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