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Now to the subject of this article. Pete Stauber was asked at both debates Yes or No if Joe Biden won the election. In both of those debates, he wouldn't answer Yes or No. Instead, he held the Republican line with his response. He talks about being a strong supporter of jobs but he voted against an infrastructure bill that would create jobs for this area. He voted against the Right to Organize even though he was a President of the Union when he was a Police Officer. When pressed with that, he quoted the Davis Bacon Act taking care of the prevailing wage. Pete. That Act is for jobs covered under Federal Funding. Steelworkers bargain not only for wages but also bargain for benefits. The same goes for Nurses and other workers who organize. Pete is out of touch when it comes to most things including mining. Republicans want to gut environmental laws so permitting can go through without public input including the right that Native Americans have to weigh in on the quality of our lakes and streams for the purpose of gathering wild rice. Something they have had the right to do since the Treaty of 1847! Trump has said he wanted to get rid of the EPA so the industries could go ahead and create jobs. Stauber walks lock step with this. He's voted no on every bill that would have been good for the public including lowering costs for prescriptions for everyone. He does not deserve another term in office. Jen Schultz is more experienced than Pete as a politician who gets things done. Pete just carries water for the Republican Power Base.

From: Stauber’s disqualifying act

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