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July 2, 2021 e-edition

Posted 6/30/21

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July 2, 2021 e-edition


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Dave Rose

I have learned after being in the motorcycle snowmobile

business for 25 years you have to be thick skinned when you tell a customer their toy will not be ready for the holidays. But it nothing like dealing with Tower for over 5 years. Over 50 meetings. Many cancelled 5 minutes before starting time after a 4.5 hour drive one way. Over 500 pages of paper work at city hall. I have done everything the City demanded and some items twice. For example I did 2 EAW's. I was charged by the city and paid $4100 to have it read over by SEH. Goal posts were moved by the city after every demand was completed by me. A City Council member at a public meeting told me I did not have a brain in my head. Planning and zoning chairman asked me, "What do we have to do to get you to sell out and go home? Take their money." " Your a waste of my time and a pain in my ass." I could write a book on comments made at public meetings and what was done behind the scenes. Yet I am the bad guy. I have received no tax dollars like other pet projects have in town have received time and time again. I have been a tax payer not taker. Only request I did was to ask the city to pay for part of the Brownsfield Pollution Program to find out how bad the old city dump polluted my land. Zoning said I had to have my land tested and addressed next to the old city dump site problem. I did the tests and got approved from MPCA to proceed but to change my layout. This from a old city problem the city did not address. That's another issue. So where are we at today? There are parts left of century old pilings in the river off shore. I have asked to remove them and replace with RIP RAP on shore. Same thing my neighbor asked and received permission to do less than a year ago. Three of us neighbors along the river have written permission to remove the pilings from DNR. What this does is let the boats park closer to shore and keep the docks that much further out of the channel on the river for my rv park people. I can manage with old pilings left in but I loose 10 boat slips. Sooner or later you have to draw a line in the sand after over 5 years of giving in. RV park is being built and roads are in. Half the sites are spoken for already. Check us out at The program is similar to a condo project or co-op project. RV sites at a reasonable price. As of today most sites come with boat slips. Some day all rv sites might have a boat slip. Were moving ahead with boat slips with rv sites until they are gone. Early bird gets the worm and a boat slip. The Park has over half green space for all to enjoy. You can enjoy life and park your boat in your slip along the river. Thanks Dave

Thursday, July 1