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Serving Northern St. Louis County, Minnesota

and the saga of the dying loons continues


shows the diversity of speed and use and the danger in the narrows.

Even though we have gone through the county and the local government the sherrif (which by the way has been very supportive), there is still no speed limit in the narrows. The concern has shifted from safety to wake control it seems. It is not the wake it is the diversity of the traffic in the only place that connects the east and west part of the lake. The video attached shows a 30 minute slice in time on the first sunny day in the narrows, a small community on the lake in the narrows.

This truly is a tragedy waiting to happen. I realize that there will be traffic in the narrows. It is the only way to get from the East to the West. It is just too bad that you have to legislate for just plain ole common sense. The lake is a play area too. When play, fishing and speed boats come together caution should applied by the speeding boats...SLOW DOWN. Use some common sense. There are no brakes on your boats. And this area is only about 150 yards wide. That's why they call it the "Narrows"..

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